Green and Blue Dragons Canvas Gallery Wrap 30x24

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Another custom Top Quality (One of a kind design) beautiful piece brought to you by Flying Tiger Emporium. It features a Beautiful picture of Green and Blue Dragon Statues outside a Chinese Temple. This is a  perfect addition to any room with it's uplifting colors. The canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.


Dimensions: 30 Inch x 24 Inch

.: 100% Cotton fabric

.: Closed Back

.: Build with a patented solid support face


Dragons are a large part of Ancient Cultures of the world. They were revered for their many abilities. Flying would be the most common ability the Dragons of all the Cultures of the world. The Chinese Dragon us an auspicious one. It is a symbol of growth or expansion. It also represents Anger or shock. The dragon has always been either paired up with a Tiger or another Dragon in Chinese Art and Philosophy. Together, they represent the balance between Yin and Yang. Or Receptive and Active respectfully. A Flying Dragon in the sky and a Tiger showing his fangs from the Earth is a powerful but also beautiful image. 

As for the Double Dragon images that you see in the world represent Double strength. It means not only balance, but twice as much power. The Green and Blue Dragons seemingly about to fight over  rough waters of the Ocean under a beautiful, mostly clear blue sky are from a High Resolution Picture taken of the statue outside a Chinese Temple. The clarity comes through to the canvas and beautifies whatever wall it gets displayed on. It will make a great conversation piece.