Reiki Healing Power Symbol Cotton Tee Shirts

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This Healing Reiki Tshirt is printed with the Power Symbol drawn by a Reiki Practitioner (not a computer) He is an American Reiki Practitioner. Made with 100% Heavy Cotton, this Tshirt is durable and will surely last a good while.

*100% Cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
*Classic fit
*Tear away label

.: Runs true to size

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The Cho Ku Rei or Power Symbol is the first taught in Reiki. The T-Shirt we're offering is that on Dan Vasquez. He drew it with his finger on a touchscreen for a real imprint of his motion. Reiki is said to be able to be used for just about any occasion. For instance you could draw it in the air in front of your drink, food, or whatever in order to tell the universal energy where to go. WEaring the symbol on your chest isn't such a bad idea, and it looks line a cool Symbol (It definately is.)

The imperfections in the Symbol are definately not perfect, but you can see the true imprint of the Reiki Practitioner's strokes. It is his hopes that this shirt will bring if not comfort, then maybe something not usually seen to wear on a Tee. Yes, there are many, but none like this. Enjoy your Reiki Healing Symbol T-shirt!.